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Hi Amy, how are you?

I am very well, and currently thrilled to be interviewing for you!

What is for you steampunk?

To me, steampunk is an alternate history, a re-written victorian era. It's all the creativity, imagination, and ingenuity of that time, manifested in an imaginary reality. Most importantly though, it's fun!

How discovered you the steampunk?

I had known about steampunk fashion for a while, and loved it. But I truly discovered steampunk culture when I attended my first steampunk convention 2 years ago... I've been immersed ever since.

Do you consider steampunk it's mainstream nowadays?

Yes and no.... Our aesthetic is starting to mainstream... But it will take more work to truly mainstream the awesomeness that is steampunk... But I'm all for it! The more the merrier!

You suffered any critic about wear a half-naked steampunk style?

No matter what you do, putting yourself out in the world will always get critics. I'm in this to have fun and be creative, and I plan to continue doing just that.

There is so much models on the steampunk world? Exists any type of rivality?

I'm sure that a bit of a competition exists... But I am all for seeing as many well done steampunk photoshoots as possible! I hope someday to collaborate with the beautiful ladies I share the genre with.

Do you steampunk literature genre? What is your favourite book of the genre?

Sadly, with my busy schedule I rarely get time to read... But in can highly recommend Thomas Willeford's "Steampunk Gear, Gadgets & Gizmos" as a fantastic maker's guide, and the gaming guide "comme il' faut"

Do you think steampunk is sexy? Why?

I think that just like any other genre, steampunk has it's sexy side, and it's more tame side.... Now, that said... You'll never see me complaining about a dapper gent in a vest with a mechanical arm.

Thank you so much for your time, Amy.

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